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Miva Merchant Doral

Solutions we offer

At miva.link2city.com we provide our customers with exceptional ecommerce solutions through our extraordinary Miva merchant Doral package. The solutions include flexible and aesthetically created templates, enterprise security, payment gateways and similar other features that ensure smooth operation of your ecommerce store.

Making stiff calculations easier

Calculation of sales tax and the shipping rates is a tedious task and unless and until you have specialized software or apps at your behest, it is simply impossible to carry on the work with peace of mind. This is where our Miva merchant Doral ecommerce solutions come to your rescue by providing you with all the features necessary for such operations.

Special software for calculations

Miva merchant Doral provides you with integrated set ups of UPS, USPS and Fedex so that the real time rates of shipping are calculated by the click of a button. This software manage every aspect of the shipping order such as printing of labels, tracking of the order and also updating the customers through the store admin of your ecommerce website.

More about this Service

It is important that all the available and popular modes of payment gateways are uploaded on your ecommerce store once it becomes live. And that is why Miva merchant Doral ensures that all the major gateways of payment such as IMS, Authorize. net, Chase, PayPal, Stripe and more are integrated on your ecommerce store.

Miva merchant Doral also provides you with alternative modes of payment with popular and trusted companies such as Google Checkout, Checkout Amazon and more. We make sure that all the popular credit cards that are in regular operation such as Visa, MasterCard and AMX are integrated in your ecommerce store.