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Miva Merchant South Beach

Customized appearance of ecommerce store

We understand your need to have a customized look for your ecommerce store since the first impression plays a pivotal role in attracting your customers. At miva.link2city.com we understand your requirements and hence offer exclusive customized designs through Miva merchant South Beach for your e-store.

High quality designs with original ideas

In the clutter of so many ecommerce stores, if you want your web store to stand out then, it is essential that it should have some wonderful eye-catching design. Miva merchant South Beach package provides you with high quality designs that are original and never inspired from other web designs.

Themed templates for eye-catching e-store

We have a large treasure of themed templates so that you are provided with innumerable number of choices while selecting one for your ecommerce store. These templates and designs are created by some of the most renowned designers in the world who solely operate to make your Miva merchant South Beach design user-friendly as well as attractive.

More about this Service

Product merchandizing includes import and export of all the data related to product sales, adding new changes related to product prices or features and that too within minutes. This is made possible by the specialized features provided by Miva merchant South Beach which ensures that your products are presented with its full potential in front of the customers.

Our software shows off your product in different angles and in unlimited thumbnails and images of full and small sizes. Miva merchant South Beach also adds software that tracks inventory due to which the duplicate product pages are eliminated. You can create up sells, cross sells and kits through the solutions offered by Miva merchant South Beach for increasing revenue returns from the product merchandising.