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  • Miva Merchant South Florida

Miva Merchant South Florida

Specialized ecommerce features

At miva.link2city.com, through Miva merchant South Florida we provide you with exceptional features and software that makes the operation of your ecommerce store extremely streamlined, easy and time saving. We equip your ecommerce store with all the latest international features for updated running.

Arranging easy transaction

The main intention of starting ecommerce web store is to attract business, as much as possible. And that is why Miva merchant South Florida provides you with all the integrated payment gateways right from the start. We make sure that your store starts building trust value right from the beginning by providing seamless transaction options.

Payment options of all types

Apart from making provision for Credit Cards and PayPal transactions, Miva merchant South Florida also makes sure that other major gateways of payment such as Authorize.net, Stripes, Chase, IMS and more are included in the services which we have offered. Other alternative options of payment such as Checkout by Amazon, Google Checkout are also provided in the Miva merchant South Florida, so that your business does not get stuck due to lack of particular ecommerce payment gateway.

More about this Service

We understand that managing a successful ecommerce store is very difficult. Handling sales tax calculations simultaneously at the point of sale is a dreaded nightmare. Hence, through Miva merchant South Florida we make sure that your store has integrations set up of Avatax sales tax collection so that all these calculations are managed at a click of the mouse.

We also provide you with the exceptional QuickBooks software that synchronizes all your sales tax data so that the accounting system works seamlessly. Miva merchant South Florida ensures that our software saves your time and makes working hassle free for you.