• Miva Merchant Fort Lauderdale
  • Miva Merchant Fort Lauderdale

Miva Merchant Fort Lauderdale

Remarkable enterprise security assured!

Security is what comes to the mind foremost when you introduce your ecommerce store to the world. At miva.link2city.com we make sure that our Miva merchant Fort Lauderdale package embeds all the features that can protect your ecommerce store perfectly well so that you can concentrate more on work than on security.

Calculating sales tax made easier

Miva merchant Fort Lauderdale equips your ecommerce website with an automatic calculator which accurately calculates the sales tax while you are busy completing the sales process. This software ensures that you are not stuck up at the point of sale. We simplify your working by using Avatax sales tax collection, its reporting and integration of remittance. All the sales tax data is properly synchronized by using QuickBooks or similar type of accounting system.

Product export and import

The product merchandising software that comes with the Miva merchant Fort Lauderdale very easily sees through the export and import of all your product data and also contributes in adding new price changes and products to the existing data of the products. The work is completed within few minutes and your product data is completely updated.

More about this Service

Miva merchant Fort Lauderdale product merchandising tool makes sure that your product is projected on the store in the form of thumbnails, images of full size and in various angles, so that all the features of the product are well-highlighted and the customer is attracted to add it to his cart.

Our tool also contributes in tracking the inventory based on the elimination of duplicate pages of the product. You can form up sells, cross sells, and kits so as to increase the revenue through product merchandising. The exceptional, flexible and user-friendly tools of Miva merchant Fort Lauderdale helps you in building trustworthy relationship with the customer right from the start.