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  • Miva Merchant Palm Beach

Miva Merchant Palm Beach

High quality features and tools

At miva.link2city.com we ensure that our Miva merchant Palm Beach packages provide you with all the in-house support and features necessary for a newly launched ecommerce store to take off smoothly without any hiccups. We provide international quality services and software tools for the purpose.

In-house support and service

For a newly launched website it is highly important that all the features are operated smoothly and in appropriate manner. And for this we constantly provide you with in-house support so that your work does not stop even when you have some problem. Miva merchant Palm Beach ensures 24*7 impeccable services all through the year.

Managing the orders in the admin

Order management is a very difficult task as it involves lot of functions including capturing of the payments, printing of the shipping labels, and also updating the customers of the status of the order. That is why, Miva merchant Palm Beach provides you with exceptional order management tool that enables you to handle all the phone orders, cancellations, returns, reorders as well as refunds that gather in the shopping cart of your admin.

More about this Service

Along with in-house support Miva merchant Palm Beach also encourages you to join different forums dedicated to particular topics and markets so that you are introduced in a new segment of market. This contributes in expanding your business to higher level and also opens up new resources and avenues of revenue and business.

Miva merchant Palm Beach is in favor of international expansion and encourages you to go global by offering multiple currency support and integration of international shipping set ups.