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  • Miva Merchant Kendall

Miva Merchant Kendall

Specialized software for hassle free working

At miva.link2city.com, ecommerce solutions for upcoming web stores and also for the existing ones are provided through Miva merchant Kendall. We ensure that your ecommerce store has all the software and features that are quintessential for its smooth running.

Updated and latest additions

The features and software that we provide in our Miva merchant Kendall package, are all upgraded and of latest versions and in sync with the international standards. For example the enterprise security which we offer through our Miva merchant Kendall package is in tune with the world class level and matches the strict standards of the PCI Security Council.

Payment gateways and credit cards

Once your site becomes live, it becomes important that the transactions start immediately as any moment the customer can add any product to the cart. Hence, while offering Miva merchant Kendall we ensure that you are provided with integrated merchant services that include all the major credit cards and payment gateways.

More about this Service

Miva merchant Kendall provides your customers the option of using all the major credit cards and gateways. From MasterCard, Visa and AMEX credit cards to PayPal, Stripes, Authorize.net, Chase and IMS all the latest and upgraded transaction and payment gateways are made available for transaction.

What's more, you can also use various other alternative options of payment such as Checkout by Amazon, Google Checkout and so on which contribute heavily in increasing the trust word around about your ecommerce store. Miva merchant Kendall makes sure that all your working is never stuck up due to lack of proper software or integrated set up.